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For years, everyone I’ve known who was told they had high levels of cholesterol only seemed to develop a worse set of problems from the drugs they were put on.

I’ve watched as family and friends developed memory loss, dizzyness, lack of balance, loss of motor skills, and so on, while all I could do was feel sorry for what they were going through. Like most people, I chalked it up to “side effects” and minor “inconviences” that were acceptable trade-offs for keeping my friends and family members alive.

Eventually though, it began to bother me more and more that my friends and family members were being harmed by the very treatments that were supposed to be helping them and how these treatments were diminishing their quality of life rather than improving it in any way that could be seen.

So, I began to do a study and started reading everything I could find about Cholesterol, what it really is, what useful functions it actually performs in the body, and whether it really is a “killer” and the cause of heart disease that we’re told it is. What I found just flat out astounded me.

I found that it wasn’t the medical establishment at all who had initially claimed cholesterol was something that was bad, but instead it was a group of politicians. Talk about shocked. I was angy and incredulous, as I’m sure you will be as well when you read about it for yourself.

I found that in other countries such as Japan, their doctors warn people of the dangers of low-cholesterol levels and have clinical studies that back this up. Doctors from the USA who went to Japan and learned of this were shocked to learn that the conclusions the Japanese had come to were based on many of the results of studies done in the USA and upon reviewing the studies upon their return, they found the Japanese were actually right.

I found what was actually behind the decision to drop the “acceptable” level of cholesterol from the initial 240-260 it was set at to its current level of 200… and the reason had nothing to do with updated information from any study, either, as you’ll find out.

I found that cholesterol level in the blood is not the cause of blocked arteries as some would have you believe, and that cholesterol lowering drugs do nothing to prevent blocked arteries and in fact can actually contribute to the condition (as the japanese warn about).

I also learned about the many dangers of the drugs that have been developed and are prescribed to lower cholesterol called “statin” drugs, and all their dangers and side effects. One of the best books on the subject was written by a physician who worked at NASA who was put on these drugs himself and began experiencing amnesia. His account of not being able to recognize his own wife or being in his own back yard and his ordeal trying to deal with his own disbelieving physician was just incredible. (All his symptoms disappeared once he stopped taking the cholesterol lowering drugs he had been prescribed).

It’s unbelievable just how much the public has been lied to about this whole subject, and how so many people are being made to have a lower quality of life, take on the additional expense of all the testing and the drugs, and told they simply have to put up with the pains, the memory loss, the loss of balance, the muscle weakness, and so on in order to treat this “condition” when the treatment itself is actually one of the worst things they could do, if they only understood what was really going on.

I don’t believe in the “information age” that we live in that people should be so unaware of what’s really going on, so I’ve put together a collection of some of the information that I’ve been able to discover over the past couple of years. I believe this is very valuable information that you’ll appreciate greatly once you have a chance to study it and come to understand what’s really going on regarding this subject for yourself. Whether this affects you directly or someone you know and love, this is important information to have and information that you will be able to use at some point.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this one-
of-a-kind report:

  • Cholesterol and The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Biggest Secret
  • Bad Cholesterol: A Myth and a Fraud!
  • How Politicians, Not Science, Started The Low Fat Diet Craze
  • The Truth About Cholesterol
  • The Benefits of High Cholesterol
  • The Cholesterol Myth & The Dangers of Statin Drugs
  • Who decided 200 was a “healthy” cholesterol level… and why…
  • The fallacy of the “low fat” diet – neither healthy nor effective…
  • How Low Fat Diets Raise “Bad Cholesterol” Levels
  • Sold to millions of health conscious but ill informed patients…
  • What Causes Blocked arteries – (it’s not the cholesterol level in blood).
  • Links to much more info on the Cholesterol Myth

Each of these is pretty complete in itself, providing another piece of the puzzle that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to see. By the time you’ve finished reading these reports, you’ll be well informed about the people who are promoting the idea that cholesterol is somehow bad for you, or that there is such a thing as “good” and “bad” cholesterol, or that a low-fat diet is the best thing you can do to prevent high cholesterol, and much more.

If you’re someone who likes being informed and knowledgeable and would like to make the right decisions for you and what’s best for your body, then you need this information. With this information, you can have an intelligent conversation with your doctor about what’s really best for you and your mental and physical well-being, and you’ll be able to know if your doctor really knows what he’s talking about or if he’s just doing what the pharmaceutical industry wants him to do, with you paying the price for it both in dollars as well as with your own quality of life. I believe this information will be just as eye-opening and empowering for you as it was for me when I first read it.

Unfortunately, for so many others they never learned of this info and trusted those who were supposed to protect them and give them the best quality of life they could have. If they had known this information, they may have made a different decision, saved a lot of time and money, and enjoyed a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones, just as I wish for you and for those you love, as well.

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